Beacon budget submission to create a brighter future for young Tasmanians

Beacon Foundation is committed to helping create a brighter future for young Tasmanians by creating meaningful pathways to work for young people in our State.

CEO, Scott Harris, has today released Beacon’s budget submission which outlines two key programs to make sure young Tasmanians have the opportunity to explore career pathways, engage with businesses and develop the skills to get a great job in Tasmania.

“For over 35 years, Beacon has been working with young people around the country and particularly in Tasmania to help create a brighter future for them,” Mr Harris said.

“The two critical programs that we are calling on the Tasmanian Government to support in next year’s budget are a continuation of the Work-Based Learning Services program and an expansion of the Beacon Career Program to more schools across the State.

“Work-Based Learning Services means that in over 50 schools there are dedicated Beacon staff who develop bespoke work experience and work placement programs for students and link local businesses and industries with local schools.

It means young people have access to the right work experience and placements so that they can explore what career options there are in their community and understand what they need to do to get a great job or training opportunity once they leave school.

“The additional funding we’ve requested of $1.2million will help us continue to provide this vital service for an additional 12 months.”

Mr Harris said the other request was for $1.4 million to expand the Beacon Career Program to 48 schools in 2024 and 2025.

“The Beacon Career Program takes students in years 9 and 10 on a deep dive into different career options.  Students spend an entire term engaging with local businesses and industries to find careers that appeal to them. 

“Research shows that the more interaction students have with different businesses and industries while they’re at school, the more likely they are to go on to further training or to get a job.  We’ve already trialled the program and we know it works.  If we expand the trial, we could help up to 1,200 students per year.”

Mr Harris said these two initiatives were needed now more than ever.

“We have a skills shortage and a labour shortage in Tasmania and we need to do more to boost the participation rate, which is the worst in the nation.  What we also know is that young people can’t be what they can’t see.  By working with young people, local business, schools and the local community we know we can make a huge difference.

“With the support of the Tasmanian Government we can help more young Tasmanians get a great job and make a really positive contribution to their local communities.”

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