Beacon Short Courses

Beacon Short Courses are half or full day work readiness programs, delivered in schools or at a host business. These courses are designed to boost employability skills and build real-life connections to the world of work for young people in Years 7-12.

We invite industry and community volunteers to join these programs and share their career journey with the students. Students connect with the volunteers and gain a better understanding of what the world of work truly looks like. This provides real insights for students to realise the different types of employment opportunities available to them and what the day-to-day of those opportunities actually means.

High Impact Programs can be hosted either at the school or with a host business.

High Impact Program (HIP) - Prepare

HIP Prepare is a half day program for students in Years 7-8 (12-14 years) and sparks interest and curiosity in careers for young people beginning their journey into high school education. Young people explore how personal values and teamwork can help them prepare for casual employment and career success. Above all, this foundational program encourages young people to aspire and be open and curious about future possibilities.

High Impact Program (HIP) - Polish

HIP Polish is a full day program for students in Years 9-10 (14-16 years) and is a powerful, practical program focused on confidence building. To build self-advocacy, young people learn how to identify and promote their skills to employers. Business volunteers help young people understand how varied a career path can be, how valuable transferrable skills are and what are common workplace expectations. HIP Polish ends with a fun and encouraging ‘mock’ interview session.

Growth Industry Preparation Program (GrIPP)

Growth Industry Preparation Program (GrIPP) is a full day program for students in Years 10-12 (16-18 years) connecting our future workforce to Tasmania’s growth industries. GrIPP shows students what opportunities there are for them in the fastest growing industries in Tasmania including; building and construction, tourism and hospitality, advanced manufacturing, aged and community service and food production industries. Students participate in a site tour at a host business and in workshops that build aspirations, confidence and gain an understanding of workplace expectations and behaviour. Industry volunteers support this element of the program, enriching student connection with each workplace, workforce and growth area.

High Impact Program (HIP) - Perform

HIP Perform is a full day program for students in Years 11-12 (16-18 years) and supports young people to feel ready to take up employment opportunities. We explore personality styles to grow self-awareness. Business volunteers share career insights and facilitate small group workshops on topics such as elevator pitching, resumes, interviews, networking, conflict resolution and goal setting. HIP Perform offers a rare and exciting opportunity for young people to practice communicating with professional people in a supported environment.