Beacon Career Program

In 2022, Beacon commenced the design and development of a new program informed by global research, career experts, industry, parents and most importantly students. Guided by our 35 years of practice wisdom, the new program is being piloted in 2023.

The result is a 12 session career program which aims to increase participant confidence in identifying and navigating towards personally aligned, post education opportunities. Participants develop this confidence through a series of facilitated sessions, which engage industry volunteers, through three phases; Awareness, Exploration and Experience.

The ‘awareness’ phase of the program focuses on establishing a foundation of self-awareness for each student. Understanding their strengths and interests and how they can practically be applied, this sets them up for the second phase which is aligned career ‘exploration’.

In the ‘exploration’ phase the understanding of self allows the student to undertake individualised career exploration tailored for them. Site tours during this phase allow for the sights and sounds of various workplaces to either strengthen or challenge career assumptions.

Finally, the ‘experience’ phase of the program features a self-coordinated work experience opportunity for each student. Importantly, this experience has been informed by the previous two phases giving the best chance for a positive and well aligned placement for both the student and the host business.

The Beacon Career Program is currently being piloted in Tasmania in 2023 and will be available to schools nationally from 2024, for more information about the program contact us at