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Jobs At Beacon

Sadly, not everyone has access to the same opportunities or support networks in life. Many young people don’t know what their own skills are or how to use them, and they aren’t aware of the myriad opportunities available to them as they transition to work. That’s why Beacon works with young people to make connections between schools, businesses and volunteers.

If you are looking for work with greater purpose, and think that young people deserve the opportunity to embark on a meaningful career, and you are keen to work in an organisation that is working on the front line to get things done, then we would like to hear from you.

The following current vacancies are listed below, but don’t wait for a position to be advertised.

We always want to hear from individuals who are motivated, optimistic, caring and practical. Individuals with a desire to work with young people and industry to make a real difference.

If this sounds like you, please don’t wait until a role is advertised, send us a message and let’s start the conversation.