Partner with us

Beacon has a long history of collaborating with organisations from a range of sectors to change the lives of young Australians.

Corporate supporters are integral to the delivery of our programs, providing young people with invaluable real-world insight into the varied pathways and opportunities available to enter the world of work across different industries, as well as providing Beacon with financial, volunteer and in-kind support.

By partnering with Beacon you can be part of the solution to assist young people to have the aspiration, motivation, and ability to determine their working future whilst also realising your corporate social responsibility objectives.

Partnering with Beacon also provides opportunities for staff engagement which will aid your employees’ professional development whilst connecting young people to industry volunteers.

There are several ways that your organisation can be involved, and we would work with you to design a partnership that works for you whilst maximising student impact.

If you would like further information about partnering with Beacon please contact us to find out more.