Working with Children Check (WWC)

Application Guide for Beacon Foundation Volunteers (WA)

Last Updated: April 2024


Application Process: Apply via authorised Australia Post outlet.
Renewal: Can renew online through setting up a WWC account.
Cost: $11.00 for volunteers (Beacon can reimburse if cost is a barrier).
Valid For: 3 years
Process Time: You can check your WWC application’s status online.
Card Issued: Yes (via post)


1. Visit an authorised Australia Post Outlet to fill out the application form.

Helpful Hints

PART 5: Child-related work details
Category of child-related work
Applicant’s job title/role in child-related work
‘Volunteer mentor’
Organisation’s phone number
‘(03) 6234 4155’

2. Send the filled-out form to Beacon to complete the specific part for organisations.
Speak to your Beacon contact for the best way to do this.

3. Visit an authorised Australia Post Outlet with the completed form and 100 points of ID. Your WWC will be sent to you via post.

Now you are ready to go!

Need to update your details? 

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