Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RwVP)

Application Guide for Beacon Foundation Volunteers (TAS)

Last Updated: Feb 2024


Application Process: Apply/pay online, then confirm identification documents at Service Tasmania
Cost: $21.36 for volunteers (Beacon can reimburse if cost is a barrier)
Valid For: 5 years
Process Time: Allow 6 weeks
Card Issued: Yes (via post)


1. Fill out an application online via the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) website.

Helpful Hints

In Child Registration Category Details SELECT
‘Child-related activity’
In ‘Select Regulated Activity to add’ SELECT
‘Child mentoring service (including Youth Worker Service)’

In ‘Are you currently working or volunteering in a child/adult related activity?’
then in ‘Organisation Name’ ENTER ‘Beacon Foundation’

2. Verify your identity documents at Service Tasmania.
You will need to show your application receipt email.

Your RwVP card will be sent to you via post.

3. Email your WWVP registration number and last name to Beacon at There is no need to send through a copy of your card or application confirmation email. 

Now you are ready to go!

Need to update your details? 

Visit the links below.