Beacon Advocacy

Our programs are just one way to reach, inspire and connect Australia’s future workforce.  We also undertake advocacy work that is equally critical to ‘moving the dial’ for young Australians.

We believe that young people have a right to equally access work, education and other meaningful pathways. We also know that unfortunately, not every young person has the right type of education and the right level of education to grasp these opportunities – this must change.

Many challenges that young people face are systemic of the wider structures that surround them. Barriers to education or employment have underlying causes that are both complex and persistent.

Impactful long term social change in Australia requires a collective community effort and it cannot be addressed through a piecemeal approach of one-off policies or programs.

We work from the grassroots up and our strategic advocacy work complements our range of school programs. We advocate across all levels of government and industry nationwide to influence robust, practical policy and good corporate social responsibility practice to contribute to real change and a brighter future for our nation’s young people.

If you would like to connect with us about advocating for the young people of Australia to have the aspiration, motivation, and ability to determine their working future contact us at