Beacon Co-lab

Beacon has a long history of collaborating with organisations from a range of sectors to change the lives of young Australians. Corporate Co-labs provide young people with invaluable real-world insights for varied pathways and opportunities available to them to enter the world of work.

There are several ways that your organisation can be involved, we can work with you to design a collaboration that works for you whilst maximising student impact.

If you would like further information about collaborating with Beacon please contact us to find out more.

Work-based Learning Services

Beacon has collaborated with the Tasmanian government through Department for Education, Children and Young People to deliver Work-based Learning Services (WBLS). WBLS entails Beacon working with secondary schools across the Tasmanian State education system to broker work placements and work-based learning activities that enable students to explore the world of work, identify career options and pathways and build career development skills. WBLS plans for each school are developed by Beacon in consultation with participating schools and are unique to the needs of their students. WBLS will be in almost every Tasmanian Government school (Years 9-12) by the end of 2023. For more information about Beacon contact us at

Corporate Co-lab

Individual collaborations are tailored to provide maximum impact for the young person whilst meeting the specific requirements of our collaborating organisations. These collaborations allow for organisations to bolster their corporate social responsibility and invest in career programs for students that are relevant to their sector and/or physical areas of operation. Beacon currently has a range of customised Corporate Co-labs with organisations including Hydro, Bell Bay Aluminium, Federal Group and Keystone. The delivery of these industry-specific initiatives complement other Beacon Short Courses and Programs and provide valuable industry specific programs for participating students. For more information about a Corporate Co-lab contact us at