Beacon thanks volunteers for helping give young Tasmanians a brighter future in 2023

Beacon CEO, Scott Harris, has recognised the army of volunteers that have helped make 2023 one of the most successful in Beacon’s more than 35 year history.

“This year, Beacon has facilitated over 3,500 student interactions providing the opportunity for these young Tasmanians to engage with over 230 local businesses,” Mr Harris said.

“We know that the more engagement young people have with various businesses and workplaces, the more likely they are to go on to get a job or undertake more training and unlock a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

“But we can’t do this work alone.  The power of a career intermediary like Beacon is that we can bring together schools, businesses, local communities and an army of volunteers to work together for the benefit of young Tasmanians.

“It’s important to make time to acknowledge the huge contribution that our volunteers make and to help them understand the impact they are having on the lives of young Tasmanians, which is why we’re hosting a thank you event at Hamlet today.

“This year, in Tasmania alone, we’ve worked with over 450 individual volunteers from businesses right around the State.

“We will be holding similar events around the State in the future.

“Next year, we are looking forward to working with even more businesses and volunteers and supporting even more young Tasmanians to be inspired to follow their dreams and pursue a career that will give them a truly brighter future here in Tasmania.

“While today is about thanking the businesses and volunteers who have supported us this year, we are always looking for more businesses and volunteers to join us.”

For more information or to find out how your business can support Beacon and young Tasmanians visit –

Kate Gotowski (The Navigators Group) and Scott Harris (Beacon CEO)

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