“Today has helped me think about school work in a different way. It has also helped me to think about companies differently.”
Student feedback

The Programs


Beacon offers a series of three one-day Work Readiness Programs, targeted to specific age groups spanning Years 7 -12.

Each program is designed to prepare and motivate students for a successful transition from education to meaningful employment, through the development of employability and social skills that employers are looking for. These professionally facilitated programs have high involvement from employers, and build basic life skills ranging from personal hygiene, through to dress codes and behaviour at an interview in the workplace.

Throughout the Prepare, Polish and Perform series of programs students hear business representatives’ unique stories of success, providing the encouragement and motivation to recognise their own potential.

Program Costs

Each one day program for 25-30 participants costs $2,500 + gst* (not including venue and catering)

*Subsidies Available
Beacon Foundation member schools and schools with an ICSEA of under 1000 are eligible for a program discount ($1,500 + gst)

The Level 1 Prepare program introduces younger students to the world of work and gives them an insight into prospective careers. The Prepare program sets the foundation skills around work readiness to be built on in Polish – Level 2 & Perform – Level 3. Focus areas include aspiration, engagement, growth mindset, self-belief, self-control, team work, life skills and goal setting.

This is often the first business person that the student will have come in contact with.

The Level 2 Polish program is a one-day workshop that equips students for a successful transition from school, through the development of competencies in a range of ‘21st Century Skills’. These skills are key to ensuring young people thrive in the real world, and are skills employers are looking for when hiring young people. Focus areas include the importance of networking, social skills, building personal ‘brand’, and communication.

Run from 9:30am – 2:30pm, Polish is a highly interactive program delivered as a targeted workshop for 25 students. The program includes a valuable opportunity for schools to leverage connections with local business and community members with a networking lunch from 1pm – 2pm. This lunch gives students an invaluable opportunity to liaise with potential future employers and practise newly acquired skills in a real world setting.

Schools are required to commit to the success of the Polish program by securing a minimum of 5 local business and community guests for the networking lunch and to support the afternoon activity from 12.50pm -2.30pm.   The involvement of these external role-models is essential to the success of the program and provides a unique opportunity for the school to engage different stakeholders and build sustainable relationships with a variety of local business and community members.

The Level 3 Perform program targets students who are closer to leaving school and joining the workforce. Consultation with business partners has been crucial in the development of this program, focusing on the expectations on a young person as they progress from school into the workforce and the attributes they require to be successful in this transition. Focus areas include CV writing, workplace behaviour, mock interviews and recruitment processes.

Run from 9.30am – 2.30pm, the Perform program is a one day workshop for a maximum of 25 students, offering more comprehensive and specific detail for students who are preparing to enter the workforce.

The Perform program includes the opportunity for schools to build on connections with local business and community members by inviting them to share details of their workplace, information about their roles and their expectation of employees in their business.   A networking lunch gives students the opportunity to meet possible future employers and build on skills introduced in the Polish program.