Why is the work of Beacon important?

Participating in education or employment after finishing school helps young people to lead meaningful lives and encourages an inclusive and productive society. Young people need support to realise the opportunities for them to transition to further education, training or employment after school.

Where do Beacon deliver Programs and who for?

Beacon delivers student work readiness programs in schools across Australia, for students in Years 7-12, who are planning for their transition to work. Our programs are predominantly delivered into schools with an ICSEA* of less than 1,000.

*ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage) provides an indication of the socio-educational backgrounds of students

What is the focus of Beacon programs?

Our suite of short courses and programs are focused on expanding employment and education pathways for young people, through career awareness, and career knowledge, as well as building their confidence and connections. Students are able to identify their own skills and interests and how they are relevant to what a potential employer is looking for. All Beacon programs and services connect industry volunteers with students and are delivered either face-to-face in the classroom or on-site with a host business. It’s these connections and sharing of experiences with our volunteers that provide students with a greater understanding of what the world of work really looks like.

How can I get my child/young person access to Beacon programs and/or services?

If you are interested in your child/young person participating in a Beacon program, please contact us at programs@beaconfoundation.org.au