Information for Volunteers

Do I need a Working With Children Check before I volunteer?

Although a Working With Children Check may not be required in all of our programs, we encourage all Beacon volunteers to obtain one. Keeping children safe is of the utmost importance in everything we do at Beacon. For more information on whether a Working With Children Check is required please email For information on how to apply for a check please see our volunteer application guides: If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us on

What do I need to wear?
What you would normally wear for work. If you have a work uniform such as high-visibility clothes we encourage you to wear that. The students benefit from seeing people in their work uniforms and with props like tools, photos, safety gear, lab coat etc.

Will I be left alone with students if I volunteer at a school or at a program at a host business (excluding work experience and work placement)?
No, you will never be left alone with students. We will have an experienced facilitator that will guide the session and ensure that you are well supported throughout the entire program.

Will other people be volunteering too?
You will almost always participate in a program with a group of volunteers. Some programs have a single guest speaker, but the Delivery Coordinator will let you know if that’s the case.

How can I best prepare for the session?

  • Please read all the information in the calendar invite/email sent from the Delivery Coordinators.
  • We encourage volunteers to wear their work uniform (e.g. high-vis, work shirt, lab coat) and bring a prop (e.g. tools, photos, safety gear etc).
  • Students respond best when volunteers speak about their career journeys. How you got from school to where you are now, challenges faced transitioning from school to work and how those challenges were overcome.
  • If you have any questions, please get in touch with your Beacon contact or look up a Delivery Coordinator’s details at the end of this page.

What if the students seem disengaged?
Even though students may seem disengaged, they are likely still taking in valuable information. Students can learn in all different ways. Our experienced facilitators will do their absolute best to ensure that all students are engaged and participate.

I have signed up to volunteer and have been allocated to Beacon’s volunteer pool, however I haven’t been contacted for any volunteer opportunities.
Our programs operate based on the needs of schools. This means that timing and volunteer experience requirements vary for each program. We do our best to provide volunteer opportunities for everyone and will get in touch as soon as there is a program that fits your location, availability and industry experience. If you would like to check in, please contact us on

Do I have enough experience in my industry to participate?
We value all experiences. Students typically gain the greatest benefit from learning about your personal journey from high school to entering the workforce. Having little experience can be advantageous because the memories of moving into a new role/industry/employment for the first time are fresh. Volunteers who are not long out of school i.e. ‘near-peers’ can have a big impact on students due to closeness of age and experiences.

Delivery Coordinator contacts

Kathy Fisher
Eloise McKercher

North West
Alli Harris
Tracy Doherty

Ashley Berwick
Lynn Carhart
Renee Potter

Matthew Phyland

Pru Hannon