Careers in sport can be many types of jobs. Learn more in Industry Live

Join Beacon’s next Industry Live on Tuesday, March 23, 11.30am to 12.30 pm AEDT. Who are the people behind the players? There are many different careers in sport that you can have. In our next Industry Live, we’ll chat to some key people that work in sports clubs about how you can land a job […]

Investing in our kids now will deliver massive benefits in the long term

Since we began in 1988, Beacon has been working hard every day to help Tasmania’s young people have a brighter future.  A future where when they finish school, they have both emotional and technical skills and confidence to be an active participant in their community. Now more than ever we need to provide young people […]

Tips to build your self-confidence is the topic of the next Industry Live

Join Beacon’s next Industry Live Wednesday 17th March 2021 – 11am to 11.30am. The next Industry Live is part of our Skills Series. The topic is “How to build your self-confidence”. Our panellist, Fletcher Clark is a 4th year Economics & Law student. Fletcher is also the secretary of the National Association of Australian University […]

Industry Live to explore automotive jobs as a future career path with Komatsu and RACT

Join Beacon’s next Industry Live on Thursday March 11 11.30am to 12.30pm AEDT You probably ride in a car often, but do you ever think about what goes on under the hood? Who keeps the vehicles running on our roads and keeps Australia moving with larger vehicles like trucks? There are automotive jobs across many […]

Major conference to discuss the future of education and the role of the community

Some of the State’s leading education experts will gather in Hobart this week to talk about the future of education in Tasmania. The conference will be hosted by the Beacon Foundation and will focus on the role the community plays in supporting young people both at school and once they finish. Beacon CEO, Scott Harris, […]

Industry Live to explore the topic “Apprenticeships and traineeships” on February 25

Join Beacon’s next Industry Live on Thursday Feb 25 11.30am to 12.30pm AEDT. Hear from some of the leading organisations that can help you land a great apprenticeship or traineeship, no matter your background or location. We’ll also hear from apprentices and trainees on how they got from school to their current role and how […]

Industry Live to explore the topic “How to Manage Your Time”

Join Beacon’s next Industry Live on February 18, 2021 – 12pm to 12.45pm AEDT (includes an optional 15 min Q&A at the end). Our upcoming Industry Live is part of our skills series. Learners will get advice on how to manage their time. We will talk about how to manage work, school and study, especially […]

Industry Live 2021 schedule

About Industry Live: Industry Live is a series of live career awareness and exploration events via Zoom. Beacon invites industry panellists to share their stories, top tips for success, and answer questions from school students across Australia in a discussion led by a trained Beacon facilitator.  Schools have the option to join the events live during which they can participate in the Q&A with […]

What if every day was “take your dog to work” day? Our next Industry Live explores careers working with animals and outdoors.

What if every day was “take your dog to work” day?  It’s possible. In our next Industry Live we’re exploring careers where you get to work with animals as well as jobs outdoors.  Join us on October 15 2020 1 pm – 2 pm AEDT where you’ll meet: Nicole and Zorro – Dog handler and […]

George Town announces the winners of their bumper sticker competition

Beacon are proud of all of our Collective ed. communities and the great work that they are doing. Today, the George Town site, through their Future Impact Group (FIG) shared the exciting news announcing the winners of their community pride bumper sticker art competition. The competition invited community members to design seven themed bumper stickers […]