Scott Harris - CEO & Director

Scott Harris


CEO Beacon Foundation

Scott Harris has held the position of Chief Executive with Beacon since 1999 and has been a Director since 2008. Prior to joining Beacon, Scott had a successful career in sales and management in Tasmania and Victoria. Throughout his working career, Scott has also held and continues to hold a range of Board positions. Scott is currently Chair of S.H.E. Gynaecological Group and is a Board member of the Tasmanian Jack Jumpers.

In 2007, Scott was awarded a scholarship for excellence in social venture, leadership and management to attend Harvard Business School. In 2014, Scott was awarded the Macquarie Bank David Clarke Social Innovation Fellowship.

Scott is passionate about providing every young person with the opportunity to realise their potential regardless of their background or lot in life. He is focused on helping these young people of Australia to realise that they too have a future that they can transition to from school into a meaningful career pathway.