Collective ed.

The Beacon Foundation has always had a commitment to education. Our organisation believes that every young person has the right to hope, a job, an education and the sense of personal success this gives them.

The Beacon Foundation has always worked with schools. In our experience, schools are constantly finding new ways to help young people get the best opportunities for the future. We want to help them do more of this.

Helping more young people to finish Year 12 is the goal of Collective ed.  We know this is a really important milestone if young people are to have the best chance of success in life. We know this because the world of work is changing. Entry level and ‘blue collar’ jobs are not going to be as readily available as they once were. Young people will need more qualifications, so that they can be ready for what their future holds –be it work or higher education.

Collective ed. builds on the experience of schools and the Beacon Foundation. This project will see us work together to make changes to our education system so that young people can complete Year 12.

We are working with six Tasmanian secondary schools to help them try and test new ideas and new ways of helping young people complete Year 12. Not everything we try will work. There will be risks and challenges. But at the end of our project we hope to have genuinely new ideas and solutions that will see more young people finish Year 12.