Blue Card

Application Guide for Beacon Foundation Volunteers (QLD)

Last Updated: May 2024


Application Process: Apply online.
Cost: Free for volunteers.
Valid For: 2 years
Process Time: Approx 4 weeks.
Card Issued: Yes, sent via post.


1. Email your details to Beacon to enable linking.

Email your full name and email to Once you have confirmed Beacon has linked your details, proceed to the next step. 

2. Have your Customer Reference Number (CRN) ready for reference. 

You will need a Customer Reference Number (CRN) from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) before you apply.

3. Register for an online account.

4. Apply for your blue or exemption card

Log onto the online applicant portal or download the paper form.

5. Check the status of your application if required

6. Email your registration number to Beacon at

Now you are ready to go!

Need to update your details? 

Visit the links below.

Note: They must receive your renewal application before your current card expires for you to continue working in regulated child-related employment.